Winter Campaign

Provide Connection. Provide a donation. Provide hope.

Few things impact your well-being as connecting with those you love. The pandemic, however, has taken many of the important connections away from us. Families unable to host a funeral reception after the loss of a loved one; children who haven’t seen their grandparents in nearly two years and need comfort after the loss of a special person; individuals living with an advanced illness who are at too great a risk of catching COVID-19 to visit friends.

Hospice Calgary needs your support for our three centres of care – our areas of greatest need. We need your help to continue supporting our community through grief and loss.


How Your Giving Helps

Hospice Calgary is a not-for-profit organization and fundraising allows us to offer services for patients and clients facing advanced illness, end-of-life and death.

Below are a few examples of how your gift of impact helps our clients and patients:


$120 Subsidized counselling fee per session
$230 Cost per child or teen for an 8-week Kids Club or Common Ground grief group
$500 2 weeks of travel for counsellors to see children or teens at school or home
$3,000 1 reclining lift chair for a hospice patient room at Rosedale Hospice
$5,000 Facilitation of The Village, our monthly drop-in program for client families with children or teens
$10,000 New commercial oven and standing freezer for the Rosedale Hospice kitchen
$15,000 1 bed for Rosedale Hospice

The Hospice Calgary mission is to help families and individuals achieve support, hope and well-being through compassionate end-of-life and bereavement care.

We couldn’t do this without the support of the community!