2021 Virtual Hike for Hospice Calgary

Join us for the 2021 Virtual Hike for Hospice Calgary!

We invite you to join us virtually for our 16th Annual Hike for Hospice Calgary, featuring a 5 km walk/bike/run in your neighbourhood, on your preferred trail or on your treadmill at home.

Now more than ever, we need your support! Every year, businesses, community groups, individuals, family and friends of Hospice Calgary come together at the Hike for Hospice Calgary to raise funds through our largest annual fundraising event.

Virtual Hike for Hospice Calgary raises funds and awareness for Calgary’s grieving families and allows them to access the help they need, when they need it. Support the people we serve by helping us reach our goal of $100,000!

Registration is now open. The 2021 Virtual Hike for Hospice Calgary will run between Saturday, May 1, 2021 and Monday, May 10, 2021. Hike your way, anytime and anywhere within the event’s ten days.

Be sure to tune in here on Monday, May 10th for our Virtual Hike for Hospice Calgary wrap-up.

How to get involved:


Register today! $15 per person. Register early to receive a 2021 Virtual Hike for Hospice Calgary t-shirt. T-shirts will be made available for pickup at our S.E. location prior to the event.


Show your support for those living with advanced illness and grief by reaching out to your friends and family to pledge and support you as you Hike for Hospice Calgary.

Through the power of, we’ve made it possible for you and your team to make donations virtually. We also have some amazing prizes available for individuals and teams (special thank you to Woods Edwards Engineering for sponsoring).


The 2021 Virtual Hike for Hospice Calgary can be done anytime and anywhere. Participate safely to raise money and awareness for our Hospice Calgary community.

You choose when and how to walk – whether outdoors at your local park, on your favourite trail, or indoors on a treadmill. You may also decide to make it a family activity or head out solo. The choice of how and when to participate is up to you. The hike starts May 1st and we ask that you complete your 5 km over the event’s 10 days.


See the dropdowns below for Frequently Asked Questions, Support Tools available and details on the Hike Challenges and Fundraising Prizes.

Thank you to all Virtual Hike for Hospice Calgary Sponsors!

Interested in Sponsorship? Download our 2021 Sponsorship Package.


Virtual Hike for Hospice Calgary FAQ's

What is a virtual hike?

A Virtual Hike can be done anytime and anywhere. It allows you to participate in the 2021 Virtual Hike for Hospice Calgary event safely, to stay active, and raise money and awareness for our Hospice Calgary community. You choose when and how to walk, whether outdoors at your local park or on your favourite trail - or indoors on a treadmill or getting your steps in doing an aerobic video; you decide when and how you want to participate. The choice is up to you. We will be providing hike challenges between May 1st – 10th on social media if you would like some additional ideas about how to complete this year’s hike.

Why is this year's Hike for Hospice virtual again?

These are extraordinary times and like you, Hospice Calgary is working to adapt. Sage Centre and Rosedale Hospice remain open as we continue to meet our community’s needs during the pandemic. With the current gathering restrictions we would be unable to host our event in person as we typically see upwards of 600 people at the Hike for Hospice Calgary. By hosting our event virtually we can continue to raise awareness and funds for those dealing will illness and grief, while still keeping our participants safe. We hope to be hiking again in person next May!

Can anyone participate?

Absolutely! Our annual hike is usually a 5 km family friendly walk. We encourage you to choose whatever distance and skill level is appropriate for your virtual hike. We encourage participants of all ages and ability levels to participate.

How do I track my progress?

The 5km pledge is a suggestion as our original event was 5km. For your personal progress and monitoring, we recommend you use devices such as your cellphone, Fit-bits, and fitness tracking apps to help track your progress.

Are we limited to just “hiking”?

No! You are encouraged to be creative in the type of activities you do such as walking outdoors, going for a walk at your local park or venturing out to the mountains (while practicing safe social distancing), or you can opt to stay indoors and use home exercising equipment such as treadmills, or following a YouTube walking video! Make it a family activity with the kids and your pets, or head out solo. The choice is up to you. Just be sure to be mindful and do your part in keeping our community safe.

How does my donation help?

Hospice Calgary is a not-for-profit organization and fundraising allows us to offer services at both Sage Centre and Rosedale Hospice. We count on donors and supporters like you to help raise $100,000 each year during the Hike for Hospice Calgary. Click here to explore a few examples of how your gift of impact helps our clients and patients.

Will I receive a charitable tax receipt for my donation?

All donations will receive a tax receipt. Online donations receive an immediate receipt via e-mail. Please be sure to print it off for your records. Offline donations (cash or cheque) will get a tax receipt mailed to them.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

For any questions or inquiries, please reach out to our Events Coordinator at 403-263-4525 ext. 205 or by email.
Hike Challenges

Optional Challenges

  1. Walk/Hike/Run/Bike 5km for two of the 10 days of Hike!
  2. Tag a friend on social media and challenge them to Hike 5km today or donate to your team.
  3. Take a photo of yourself walking in your Hike t-shirt and send it to us with your location. We’ll track it on a map! Let’s see how many places our Virtual Hike for Hospice Calgary t-shirt can go!
  4. Share a photo of yourself hiking on social media using #Hike4HospiceYYC hashtag.
  5. Hike with a companion! Bring along a friend, your family or your furry friend on your socially distanced 5km outing today.
View all the Hike Challenges here
Fundraising Prizes

Individual & Team Fundraising Prizes

  • $250 gift card – Top Fundraising Team
  • $150 gift card – Top Fundraising Individual
  • $50 gift card – Individual Hikers who fundraise $100+ entered into draw
  • $25 gift card – Send in a photo of you hiking in your Virtual Hike for Hospice Calgary t-shirt, to be entered into draw
  • $25 gift card – Complete 2 Hike challenges during the 10 days of Hike, to be entered into draw
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