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Hike for Hospice Calgary

2020 Virtual Hike for Hospice Calgary Wrap Up

We couldn't get together in-person this year, but Covid-19 didn't stop us! We are not going to lie. We were very nervous about moving to a virtual event, especially with everyone under such extraordinary stress. Clearly, we underestimated our supporters! You blew our $50,000 goal out of the water!

As of May 5, together we've raised over $74,000 for Calgary families.

We will be continuing to collect donations throughout May for the hike. 


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Each year, we begin our Hike for Hospice Calgary with a moment of silence. Today, we would like to do the same. Kristy Gauld Dyer, our Spiritual Care Coordinator, will lead us all in a moment of silence. Take a moment and please think of who you are hiking for. We do this each year for them. 


A Moment of Silence


This year, 160 hikers joined us virtually to show support for those we have lost, those who are at the end of their life, and those who are dealing with grief.

Our Hikers


Our Sponsors did not bat an eye when we asked if they would still support us through a virtual event. They all jumped right up and said yes. They would not let our hikers hike alone. Thank you!



Our hike is usually led with a few words from our Executive Director. Fiona McColl has been cheering our virtual hikers, sponsors, and staff on from behind the scenes each day. 


Thank you to our Hikers from our Executive Director 

Thank you to our Donors from our Executive Director

Thank you to our Sponsors from our Executive Director


The Virtual Hike for Hospice depends on our fundraisers. Each of our hikers put themselves out there and championed our cause, our patients, our clients, and our families. Thank you for advocating so strongly for Hospice Calgary. Here are our top fundraising individuals and our top fundraising teams.

2020 Virtual Hike for Hospice Calgary Top Fundraisers


2020 Virtual Hike for Hospice Calgary Fundraising Prize Winners

Thank you to Woods Edwards Engineering for being our prize sponsor. Not only did Woods Engineering donate again for our prizes, but they matched their own donation when they heard they we were going virtual. Thank you, Woods Edwards Engineering!

Prizes will be announced later today - stay tuned for the video announcement!



Lastly, thank you. We know times are uncertain, and we know that everyone has a lot on their plates. You all chose to support Hospice Calgary, and that choice means more than words can even say. Please know that you have made a remarkable difference this year. As our staff at Rosedale Hospice work day after day to care for those at the end-of-life during challenging times and our counsellors learn to incorporate technology into their work, you have also provided crucial support. Thank you!


Other Important Hike Information

This is a virtual event. This year, there will be no large gathering for the hike because we want to keep everyone safe and healthy. Please use social distance practices while you are walking with your family. Thank you for joining us on our Virtual Hike for Hospice Calgary.

Hike for Hospice Calgary FAQ's

How do I get an event t-shirt?

Due to the virtual nature of the event we will not be giving out t-shirts. You are welcome to use past year's t-shirts and be sure to get those in your pictures. Alternatively, you can make your own shirts or signs to recognize the loved ones you are walking for.

Social Media

Use the #Hike4HospiceYYC hashag on social media and tag @HospiceCalgary with any pictures or posts you share. We have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Invite your followers to join your team or donate to make a difference in the lives of grieving families. 

How strenuous is the Hike?

Our annual hike is usually a 5 KM family friendly walk. We encourage you to choose whatever distance and skill level is appropriate for your virtual hike.

How does my donation help?

Hospice Calgary is a not-for-profit organization and fundraising allows us to offer services at both Sage Centre and Rosedale Hospice. We count on donors and supporters like you to raise $100,000 each year during the Hike for Hospice Calgary. Click here to explore a few examples of how your gift of impact helps our clients and patients. 

Will I receive a charitable tax receipt for my donation?

All donations will be receipted and this year your registration fee will also be given a charitable tax receipt.

Online donations receive an immediate receipt via e-mail. Please be sure to print it off for your records. Offline donations (cash or cheque) will get a tax receipt mailed to them. 

How do I get a fundraising sign at the event?

For every individual who raises over $1000 and every team that raises over $1500, your name and your team's name will go on a fundraising sign which we will email to you. Be sure to get your photo taken with your fundraising sign and send it to your supporters!


‚ÄčInterested in Sponsorship? Click here to download our 2020 Sponsorship Package.

2020 Sponsor Table



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