Welcome to the Together for Rosedale Campaign!

The goal of this campaign is to bring forward the stories of families and friends who have seen the impact Rosedale Hospice has had on their loved ones, all while raising funds to continue this care into the future for others in need.

We need your support today! You can get involved in 3 easy steps:

  1. Set up a page on Canada Helps or Facebook to share your Rosedale story
  2. Garner support and donations from your family and friends
  3. Share Share Share! The more people who see our posts on social media, the more friends you tell and the more people introduced to the vital care provided at Rosedale, the better!

Your support and donations will make an impact!

Help support the vital care provided through Rosedale Hospice

Rosedale Hospice is operated and funded through the efforts of Hospice Calgary, a non-profit which has been in operation for over 35 years. Rosedale offers a life-affirming alternative to hospitalization or dying at home, focusing on quality of life, by providing exceptional end-of-life care for adults living with advanced cancer. The peaceful 7-bed facility is located in the Northwest community of Rosedale within Calgary.

At Rosedale Hospice, family is defined by the patient and often includes both relatives and friends. With a long history of supporting individuals and families, the history of Rosedale is nuanced and made richer with each family who comes into care.

Please help support the vital care provided through Rosedale Hospice by creating your own page today, donating to an existing one, or creating a Facebook fundraiser. Together, we can continue to impact the lives of those in need of expert end-of-life support.

Donations for the Together for Rosedale Campaign will directly support Rosedale Hospice, including the purchase of equipment to continue this vital care into the future.

Thank you for supporting the fundraising efforts for Hospice Calgary.


Together for Rosedale FAQ's

What is Peer to Peer fundraising?

Peer to Peer fundraising campaigns use the power of community to generate much-needed fundraising dollars and cause awareness. Customized fundraising pages are shared with your immediate network through social media, email, and word of mouth.

Why is a Peer to Peer campaign impactful?

This fantastic fundraising opportunity harnesses the power of people in the Hospice Calgary community who would like to make a greater impact on the care provided at Rosedale Hospice. People just like you who know someone who has received care at Rosedale or has been supported as a friend or family member yourself. You have the power to greatly impact the care we provide, every day.

How do I set up a Peer to Peer fundraiser?

We will support you 100% of the way! See the Templates and Examples dropdown below for email and social media post examples to help get your page seen by more people! If you have any questions about the campaign or setting up a fundraising page, please contact Ava, our Annual Giving Officer, at 403-263-4525 ext. 203.

Fundraising pages can be set up through Canada Helps or Facebook.

What will my collected donations support?

Donations for the Together for Rosedale Campaign will directly support Rosedale Hospice, including the purchase of equipment to continue this vital care into the future.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Support Tools
Story of Connection

Baskerville Family

Each story of connection to Rosedale Hospice is a testament as to why it is a vital resource for families in our communities.

In August 2014, my husband Boe was diagnosed with cancer.

When it became apparent Boe could no longer be cared for at home, his journey brought him to Rosedale.

Along with Boe and myself, our two girls became fixtures at Rosedale over the next three months. Young and full of energy, they were welcomed by staff, volunteers and neighbouring patients. The girls made lasting connections with everyone at Rosedale and brought innocent laughter to a place that sees so much sorrow. When the woman across the hall passed away, it sparked a conversation about the support Rosedale Hospice provided to all families, not just our own.

All of this helped us to grieve.

I could not have asked for a more loving place for Boe’s journey to come to an end. You may not realize how vital palliative care is until you are in need, and then you are just so grateful Rosedale Hospice is there.

Six years after Boe’s passing, Rosedale is still a part of our lives. The girls are now older and we have continued to visit Rosedale over the years to remind us of our memories and the compassion Boe experienced in the three months he was in care. Keeping Rosedale a part of the girls’ lives through visits at the nurse’s station and birthday fundraisers has been an important way to stay connected to their own story.

Today I need your help to continue supporting the vital care provided at Rosedale. Join me in the Together for Rosedale Campaign and help me by sharing your story of connection, and encouraging others to do the same.

Thank you for helping to ensure the compassion and support shown to Boe is available for many other families in need.

Sincerely, Angela Baskerville

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