Parent Lunch & Learn Series

We are committed to providing the right support, in the right way, at the right time.

For some families the right support may be individual or family counselling during a life-threatening illness or after a death; for others it may be attending a structured support group. We have also heard from many parents that they would appreciate brief, concrete, direct and accessible information as they navigate new situations with their grief and their children’s grief. Our new Lunch & Learns Series is designed to meet these needs.

The Parent Lunch & Learn Series allows us to:

  • be responsive to parents with specific questions (individuals can sign up on Eventbrite to attend the live event)
  • be accessible to parents unable to access or uninterested in counselling services (we will record the L&L and save the recordings on our website)
  • share pragmatic, concrete information and resources to address specific questions and topics we know most parents/caregivers are navigating while parenting a child who is grieving.
  • be collaborative as we partner with other agencies to bring their expertise to parents who are grieving
  • provide a resource people can return to or share with others in their life who would benefit from the information
  • shrink the feelings of isolation by creating a space where grief concerns can be shared, heard and responded to in honouring ways.
  • create informal sense of community even for those who are watching recorded conversation. Knowing others have the same questions or struggles is normalizing and less isolating.
  • be fluid to address current issues that arise in community or culture (impact of Covid on grieving teens, for example).

Upcoming Education Opportunities

Our education is for anyone who would like to broaden their understanding of grief. Visit our Education page for more.

The health and safety of our clients, volunteers, staff, and community members is our highest priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is for this reason that we have moved all upcoming education sessions to Zoom. 

Register for upcoming sessions below or on Eventbrite.

Upcoming Parent Lunch & Learn Series

Sept 15 - When Grief Goes to School (Online via Zoom)

When a child or teen has experienced the death of someone in their lives, the thought of going back to school may often bring additional challenges. There are a number of things parents can to do help their children feel safe and give them a sense of stability.


Sept 29 - How To Talk with Children About Death & Grief (Online via Zoom)

Children grieve differently than adults. They do not have the capacity to deal with intense emotions continuously like adults. Instead, children grieve in doses, alternating between times of play and intense emotions. A child’s age, developmental stage, and experiences determine their understanding of death and ability to cope with the death of a loved one.


Oct 13 - We Grieve Differently…Even in Families (Online via Zoom)

We all grieve in our own unique way and have different needs as we experience the death of someone close to us.


Oct 27 - How To Talk with Children About Advanced Illness (Online via Zoom)

When someone in the family has a life-threatening illness, the whole family is impacted by the many changes, the concerns and the unknown. Adults may choose to avoid talking to children about the illness to protect them from pain and distress. However, when children are not informed, they often feel excluded, alone and isolated. It’s important to consider that children will feel something is going on in their family even when they are not told. They may even think that they have caused the anxiety and unsettled state of their family.


Nov 10 - When Grief is Complicated (Online via Zoom)

Grief is how we respond when we experience loss. Everyone experiences grief and many people associate grief with the death of someone close to them. Grief is also a common reaction when someone in their lives is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Grief is complicated.


Nov 24 - Staying Connected to the Person Who Died (Online via Zoom)

When someone dies, it’s natural to worry about losing the memories you have of when they were alive. For this reason, it can be very helpful to find concrete ways to pay them tribute.


Dec 8 - When the Holidays Hurt (Online via Zoom)

The holidays can be a difficult time for those who grieve. Acknowledging this may help us to accept our reactions and tap into ways that make it easier to manage.

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