Peer-based support for patients in the palliative phase of their illness.

Bringing together individuals facing a similar experience can provide a source of insight and mutual support while reducing isolation.


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Available Services

The Companion Program is a family-centred and community-based approach to improving the quality of life for those impacted by any advanced illness. Volunteers are carefully matched with clients to provide ongoing, regular support to help reduce stress and feelings of isolation in patients, caregivers, and their families and promote an active role in living life to the fullest during illness.

Bereavement Telephone Support Program

The Bereavement Telephone Support Program is for adult clients connected with Rosedale Hospice. The program provides monthly telephone support from our trained volunteers.

More information about this program and how to access it is provided directly to clients connected with Rosedale Hospice.

Other Supports

Online Resources

Our resource library is an always-evolving collection of resources and information to support individuals and families facing any advanced illness or following a death. The resources are available to everyone and cover various illness, death, and grief topics. Browse the library to find content created by our team, links to resources from other organizations, and book recommendations for all ages.


Almost 2000 people a year benefit from our in-service consultation, training, seminars, and accredited workshops. Individuals and groups that call on us for training and resources include anyone who would like to broaden their understanding of palliative care and grief personally or professionally.