Jamboree for Charity 2019

Jamboree for Charity

7th Annual Jamboree for Charity

YOU set a new Jamboree Fundraising Record! 




It is with a great deal of emotion and appreciation that I let you all know we crushed our previous Jamboree fundraising record of $172,000 by raising $207,670 in support of the Children’s Grief Centre, which launched this month within Hospice Calgary. On behalf of everyone involved in this year’s Jamboree, Cara and I want to thank you. We are deeply touched by your generosity and support.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  

We captured many special moments from the event, so please relive the evening through our 2019 Jamboree Pictures. Please tweet or add your favorite pictures to Instagram or Twitter (and don’t forget to tag us by using #cdsjam or #jamboreeforcharity)!

To hear more from Paul Brandt, please consider joining us at the 4th Annual Toronto Jamboree for Charity on Friday, September 27th.  Our Toronto event will be in support of Casey’s House, Canada’s first, and only, stand-alone hospital for those with HIV/AIDS. 

Finally, a big thank you to Mawer Investment Management for sponsoring both the Calgary and Toronto Jamboree for Charity. Their generous involvement allows us to support a second Canadian charity each year by taking country music to Bay Street!

We look forward to hosting you again next year! 

Craig and Cara Senyk


Top Donors

A big thank-you to all donors for your generous support! 

Gregory Peterson $11,000                                Beth Hameton $7,500                                Shawna Foundation $5,000                                Paul Moroz $5,000                                Dan Owen $5,000                                David Ragan $5,000                                David Santucci $5,000                                Weinkauf Webber Family Foundation $5,000                                Blair Ward $4,500                                Vijay Viswanathan $2,500                                Jason Balascl $2,500                                Cendrine Tremblay $2,000                                Jonathan Clark $1,500                                Debra Corroll $1,500                                Kevin Screpnechuk $1,500                                Michele & Paul Beitel $1,000                                Paul Beitel $1,000                                Robert Cook $1,000                                Vito Culmone $1,000                                Christian Deckart $1,000                                David Forbes $1,000                                Tim Kitchen $1,000                                Brian Krausert $1,000                                John MacAulan $1,000                                Hap Mangat $1,000                                Alan Moon $1,000                                Danny Nassor $1,000                                Greg Peterson $1,000                                Mathieu Rae $1,000                                Brant Ranoues $1,000                                Dan Rewucki $1,000                                Myron & Catherine Tetreault $1,000                                Robert Alexander $750                                Mark Livingston $700                                Susan Hall $700                                Kim Wright $700                                Leanne Luycock $650                                Anonymous $600                                Leah Belsher $600                                Jaime Suddaby $600                                Anonymous $500                                Lisa Atkins $500                                Ian Beddis $500                                Ken Benterud $500                                Ed Connolly $500                                Bruce Edgelow $500                                Barry Guise $500                                Loralie Johnson $500                                Hardip Kalar $500                                Nadine Krenowski $500                                Chris Lee $500                                Adam McKnight $500                                Brendan McKracken $500                                Richard Noskey $500                                Ken Senyk $500                                Craig Senyk $500                                Tara Smith $500                                Martin Sorenson $500                                Vanessa Stockbrugger $500                                David Todd $500                                Marshall Toner $500                                Gail Urquhart $500                                Daniel White $500                                Heather Wright $500                               

Children's Grief Centre

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