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Why a Children’s Grief Centre?

Expanding Access to Our Services

Technology enhancements that will improve access to counselling services for children and teens.

Child and Teen Friendly Spaces

Our capital renovation plans will help us to create a child friendly space that feels welcoming and safe for the families that need us.

People Will Know Who to Call

We hear too often ?we didn’t know your services included grief counselling? or ?we didn’t think to call a hospice for grief support?. The Children’s Grief Centre brand will help people find us easily when tragedy strikes.

Meeting a Growing Demand for Our Services

Each year more than 2000 children, teens and parents accessed our services – nearly doubling our clients since 2011! Research suggests there are 12,000 kids in Calgary grieving the death of a parent. That doesn’t include those grieving a sibling, friend, or other family member. Let’s make sure they all get the help they need.

How You Can Help

To learn more about how to help, email our Director of Development, Patricia Lee, or call her at 403-263-4525. For more information on the Campaign to Build Brighter Futures, please view the downloadable PDF.

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Will you help:

Ming, who saw her friend die on the school bus

Dalia, who found her husband after suicide, minutes before the children came home

Zach, who holds his sister’s hand as she faces advanced cancer

Gary, who was hiking with his dad when the accident occurred

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