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Dying to Know – Caring for Oneself through Self Compassion & Self Care

Online via Zoom

Through the practice of self-compassion and self-care, we become aware of ourselves and ways in which our well-being can be sustained. Kristy Gauld Dyer, Hospice Calgary’s Spiritual Care Coordinator, will share insights into the practice of self-compassion and ideas/resources for self-care.

Dying to Know – Family Dynamics during Serious Illness

Online via Zoom

The diagnosis of a life-threatening illness has an impact on family dynamics and functioning. Stacey Van Dyke and Jessica Carroll, Family Counsellor, will share strategies and resources that can help keep your family afloat as illness progresses.

Dying to Know – Reflections on Caregiving

Online via Zoom

Family caregivers say their role is rewarding and stressful. Heather Lucier, COMPASS facilitator, and Karen Cuthbertson, Caregivers Alberta, draw from personal caregiving experience, outline strategies for managing this important role as well as resources that are available to support caregivers.

Dying to Know – Cross Cultural Beliefs, Traditions, & Funeral Customs

Online via Zoom

Would you like to learn more and understand the basic beliefs, customs, and traditions of cultures that may be unfamiliar to you? Kathy S. Cloutier with McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes, shares her extensive experience with the human need that crosses all cultures – the need for understanding in the sorrow of death.

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