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Sage Centre, Children’s Grief Centre, and Hospice Calgary Head Office 
1245 70 Avenue SE Calgary, AB
Sage Centre & Children’s Grief Centre operate regularly between 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8:30am to 4:30pm on Fridays.To access 24-hour counselling support, contact the Distress Centre at 403-266-4357. For any other medical emergency, call 911.

Rosedale Hospice, Residential End-of-Life Care
920 7A Street NW Calgary, AB
Hospice Calgary recognizes that visiting with family and friends is an important factor in our patient’s overall well-being. We are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our patients, clients, visitors, staff, and volunteers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. See our visiting guidelines here.

Our Promise

We promise to journey with you, through end-of-life and grief, for as long as you need us. We promise to have the difficult conversations about death, dying and grief, hearing your unique story and responding with compassion.

What We Offer

What We Offer

Child & Family Grief Counselling through the Children's Grief Centre: We provide programs and services that guide grieving children, teens, and families as they face advanced illness and life after the death of someone close to them (including sudden or accidental deaths).

Support during Advanced Illness through Sage Centre Community Hospice Services: We offer individual and group support for those living with advanced illness. 

End-of-Life Care through Rosedale Hospice: Located in the quiet NW neighbourhood of Rosedale, we provide 24-hour end-of-life care for adult cancer patients. 

Education: We offer presentations and accredited workshops and can deliver them to groups and schools, customizing the content, location and format to the audience. 

Resources: We develop information, tools and resources for grieving children, teens, and their families, as well as for those living with advanced illness and their family members. Our resources are also available to support volunteers, professionals and community advocates in their day-to-day work. 

Our Community Support

Our Community Support

Hospice Calgary is a not-for-profit organization and fundraising allows us to offer services at both Sage Centre and Rosedale Hospice. We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our many donors and community partners, including Alberta Health Services.  

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Mission: To help families and individuals achieve support, hope & well-being through compassionate end-of-life and bereavement care.

Vision: To be an innovative leader for compassionate, holistic, family-centred end-of-life and bereavement care.

Values: Compassion • Dignity • Empathy • Equality • Ethical Practice • Family-Centred Care • High Quality Service • Inclusiveness • Integrity • Respectfulness


Diversity Makes Us Stronger

We provide services to people regardless of age, physical or mental disability, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Our programs are offered online and in-person where possible. We are committed to fair practices for all clients, volunteers, and staff. No one is refused service because of an inability to pay.


Best Practice

Best Practice

Hospice Calgary is strongly committed to fair practices for all clients, volunteers, and staff. Our staff are bound by their professional codes of ethics and Hospice Calgary's policies. You are encouraged to ask any questions that may arise for you at any time. 

Quality Improvement Initiatives 2019-2020

Quality Improvement Initiatives 2019-2020

High Quality Services

  • Launch of the Children's Grief Centre (CGC) 
  • Complementary therapy available to Rosedale patients
  • New phone system to allow for better patient/client experience
  • New drop-in group (The Hangout) for bereaved teens 
  • Launch of Text & Chat services for the CGC
  • Launch of telephone and video counselling services for CGC and Community Hospice Services
  • Investment in technology to allow for supporting people via online services 

Integrated Hospice Programming

  • Dying to Know education series
  • Life's Last Chapter publication end-of-life resource 
  • CGC Counsellor featured presenter for AHPCA Roadshow 2019

Expand and Share Knowledge

  • Chinook's Edge School Division Internship pilot project with CGC
  • Dying to Know education series
  • Life's Last Chapter publication end-of-life resource 
  • CGC Counsellor featured presenter for the AHPCA Roadshow

Capable, Passionate, and Caring People

  • Employee-led groups developed; Peer-to-Peer Recognition and Social Club
  • Mentorship shifts for Rosedale patient care staff and volunteer orientation
  • Employee wellness survey conducted

Program Sustainability

  • Re-brand and launch of the CGC
  • Launch of monthly donor campaign (Compassion Circle)
  • Launch of telephone and video counselling services 
  • Renewed 5 year contract with AHS for Rosedale funding
  • New 3 year funding from AHS Addictions and Mental Health for CGC
  • Renewed 3 year contract with FCSS for CGC funding

Quality & Safety Culture

  • Improvements to our fall management program
  • Rosedale patient care staff shift length change post-change evaluation
  • New tracking mechanism for identifying trends in Safety Learning Reports
  • Staff and volunteer education events (e.g. back safety, wound care, violence prevention, ethics, hand hygiene, stress reduction)
  • Safety surveys administered to patients and clients 
  • Patient wound care plans developed and implemented
  • Revised patient lift and transfer protocols
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