Education & Consultation

As we aim to provide the right support, in the right way, at the right time, we continuously work to fill the gaps and meet the needs of families who are grieving and the professionals who are their first point of contact, like you.

Education for Professionals

Children’s Grief Centre supports children aged 19 and under as they adjust to the changes in their lives when someone close to them is living with an advanced illness or has died. Our seminars and workshops offer tools and strategies for those grieving or supporting others.

Education for Parents & Caregivers

For some families the right support may be individual or family counselling during a life-threatening illness or after a death; for others it may be attending a structured support group. We have also heard from many parents that they would appreciate brief, concrete, direct and accessible information as they navigate new situations with their grief and their children’s grief. Our new Lunch & Learns Series is designed to meet these needs.