June 21 – Cross Cultural Beliefs, Traditions, and Funeral Customs

May 17 – Dying to Know – Dreams and Visitations at the End of Life

Using stories, published research and interviews, Ms. Van Bronkhorst, Social Worker, researcher and author describes the experience and meanings of patient dreams & visitations and how these experiences can provide comfort for the dying and family members.

Join us to learn how to invite and attend to these important experiences, and enhance care in the final weeks and days of life.


April 19 – Reflections on Caregiving

Family caregivers say their role is stressful and rewarding. Heather Lucier, COM COMPASS facilitator and Karen Cuthbertson with Caregivers Alberta, draw from their personal experiences, including the preparation for and the
impacts of medically assisted death (MAID). They will share strategies and resources for managing.


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