Dining Room

Dining Room

Our Dining Room is available for any patients or visitors to use for meetings, family gatherings or meals. We’ve hosted birthday parties, holiday and family dinners. Visitors are welcome to bring their own food or can arrange for our in-house cook per standard visitor meal costs to prepare dinner for the group.

Fireside Lounge

Located on the second level, the Fireside Lounge is the most used room at Rosedale Hospice. Visitors are welcome to bring their own food; a small kitchenette with a microwave and refrigerator is available for patients and visitors to use.

The Fireside Lounge is used by our staff at shift change to give report to our oncoming team and is therefore not available to the public from 6:45 – 7:15am and 2:45 – 3:15pm.


Our library is used most commonly when a large number of family members or visitors are seeing one patient, in order to not crowd the patient’s room. There are a TV and board games available as activities to share or to help pass the time. A pull-out couch is also present for use should a visitation go late into the evening. 


The chapel is a non-denominational space that is available to anyone who would like a peaceful place to retreat. This space may be used for prayer, meditation, a quiet place to read, a place to have coffee and visit, or simply to sit and enjoy the sunshine streaming through our stain glass window. Families and visitors have held services in the chapel, including marriage ceremonies or scripture readings.

We also host musical guests occasionally, where everyone in the house, patients and visitors alike, are invited to come and listen. A piano is available in the chapel for anybody who would like to play.

The chapel is also home to a memorial wall where cards with each patient’s name, date and time of death are written on a card that is then decorated by the family and placed on the wall in memory of the patient. As the memorial wall fills, the cards are moved into a binder that holds all the past memorial cards. Family members and visitors often return to Rosedale Hospice to remember their person and view their memory card while soaking in the serenity of the chapel.

Memory Lamp Room

The memory lamp room is a small nook of Rosedale Hospice with a couch and a small patio. It is home to our memory lamp, a long-standing tradition for us. It is turned on traditionally by a family member once their person has died. The lamp stays lit for a day following the death. The patient’s memorial card is also placed by the lamp before being moved to the memorial wall in the chapel. 

Next to the memory lamp, on a hand carved quilt stand, is our dignity quilt. It was designed and hand stitched by volunteers with the goal to create a dignity quilt to cover our patients during their final journey out of Rosedale Hospice. 

Comfortable chairs welcome those who wish to sit in this room of remembering. 

Coffee Room

Located on the patient floor by the elevator, with a wide view of downtown Calgary, our coffee room is a place to sit back with a cup of brewed coffee, tea, or juice and freshly baked goods. This space is furnished with comfy seating for patients and visitors to use.

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