Accreditation at Hospice Calgary

Accreditation at Hospice Calgary

Hospice Calgary undergoes accreditation every four years and we have our next review scheduled for November 2021. The process is a way to measure our programs and services against national standards. While Alberta Health Services requires all of its contracted agencies to be accredited, we believe that the accreditation process also helps us to develop systems focused on providing exceptional care to our clients and stakeholders.

We are audited by Accreditation Canada, a not-for-profit, independent organization with an external peer review process to assess and improve health care services based on standards of excellence.

The entire organization is involved in the accreditation process from the board of directors to frontline staff and volunteers as well as members of the community including patients and families and community partners.

The standards that are assessed relate to governance, leadership, infection prevention and control, medication management, and hospice end of life care. The preparation and auditing processes help us to:

  • assess and improve quality of services,
  • identify gaps in services and systems,
  • improve workplace health and safety,
  • identify best and leading practices,
  • find efficiencies, and
  • identify and manage risks.

At the end of each four-year cycle, we get to find out what we are doing well and what needs to be improved. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn from the accreditors and find out what other similar organizations are doing. Past accreditation feedback has shown Hospice Calgary to “walk the talk” where the “language of values comes off the walls and staff and volunteers are actively engaged in living the values out on a daily basis”.

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