Rosedale Hospice: An Inside Look

Rosedale Hospice: An Inside Look

What does Rosedale Hospice look like inside its walls? Many want to know this before making the decision to go on the waiting list. Having some familiarity with what it looks like helps to ease the stress of transition into a hospice.

Available this March, patients and families will be able to tour Rosedale Hospice from the comfort and safety of their own home or hospital bed. Erin Forsyth, our Director of Clinical Care, shares, “For many individuals and families who are considering hospice, taking the time to come in for a tour adds burden when stress is high and time is precious. Through virtual tours, we can meet their needs of seeing what Rosedale looks like while allowing them to do so on their own time and from wherever they are.”

Our virtual tour video was created by Rosedale Hospice staff and the fantastic team of Freshwater Creative. Viewers are guided through the house with voiceover provided by our very own volunteer tour guide, Kanako Hiratsuka-Earle. The virtual tour will soon be available on our Hospice Calgary website at Not only can this video be viewed by people considering hospice care, but it can also be viewed by family members near and far who want to see where their loved one may spend their final days.

The Rosedale Hospice virtual tour is just one of the many ways our Hospice Calgary team works together to eliminate barriers and increase ease of access for our families. We are very proud to showcase our great facility in this way.

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