From One Rosedale Family

From One Rosedale Family

We asked two of our major donors to share a little about why they remain connected to Hospice Calgary. From their family to yours, here is their story. 

Death is a natural occurrence, but a frightening one that none of us understands or wants to dwell on.

In August 2003, our then 39-year-old son suffered a seizure while on a hiking trip. By the end of the day, we knew he had a brain tumour ? a grade 2 astrocytoma.

MRI’s, C-scans, surgery, radiation, and chemo took its toll on an otherwise healthy young man, but he recovered and lived life to the fullest for another thirteen years.

In October 2016 after a routine MRI (and some symptoms that one tried to ignore) our son was diagnosed with an untreatable grade 4 glioblastoma. This was devastating news for a young man and his family. With no possible treatment, we watched a young man who wanted to live and was absolutely terrified, face the 
unknown ? death.

After two weeks in palliative care, it became evident that he needed hospice care. Rosedale was the obvious and only choice. He was treated with dignity, compassion, and love by everyone who worked there. The nurses, volunteers, and staff are all absolute angels of mercy to be able to comfort a person in their final hours.

This was our second experience with a family member at Rosedale Hospice, one was 93 years old and the other 52, but the care for both was comfort and compassion.

God bless Rosedale Hospice and all their staff. We need to continue to support the wonderful care that those in need can experience.

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