Meet Kristy Gauld Dyer ? Our Spiritual Care Coordinator

Meet Kristy Gauld Dyer ? Our Spiritual Care Coordinator

Spirituality is about connection, whether it be to self, to others, or to an ultimate Other. The work of spiritual care is to listen deeply and foster these connections. Spirituality is different for everyone. 

My work is to learn the uniqueness of our patients and families and to honour their experience, their traditions, and their needs/hopes.

Spiritual care takes place during courageous, creative, and gentle conversations that assess a person’s well-being and coping, and their sense of meaning and purpose as it has been, and as it changes. It can be facilitating rituals or spiritual practices that are meaningful to the patient or by simply sitting quietly at their bedside.

At the patient’s request, I will arrange for a leader from their specific religious or spiritual tradition to come and visit with them.

For me, spiritual care is about listening and bearing witness to a person’s humanity and their story and finding every means possible to honour that ? within their living and their dying.

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