What your counsellor will do for you

What your counsellor will do for you

  • Keep what you tell them private unless you give them permission to share and they can’t talk with your friends, their lips are sealed!
  • All the counsellors are part of a team at Hospice Calgary. Sometimes they share stories of children and teens they work with to get more ideas on the best ways to help support them and their families. If you don’t want your counsellor to use your name if they are telling your story, together you can pick a pretend name.
  • Include your parent or guardian. Often they just want to know that you are okay! After each appointment or after a few appointments, you and your counsellor will talk about what you want to share with them
  • Keep your artwork or project safe until you are ready to take it home. If you don’t want to take it home, please let your counsellor know
  • Be open to any questions you have and be honest with you
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