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Join Us for Hike for Hospice Calgary

Calgary Stampeders GoStamps Video, Cayla Spiess

Hospice Calgary set for its 12th Annual Fundraising Walk

Calgary Herald and Calgary Sun, Joel Griffith, March 28, 2017

Hike for Grieving Families with Nadine Gariepy-Fisk

Global TV Calgary, Nadine Garipey-Fisk

Hike for Hospice Calgary with Rob Cote and Judy Wark

CTV Calgary Morning, March 27, 2017

From Spouse to Caregiver

Calgary Herald, Valerie Fortney, March 25, 2017

Inn From The Cold Sharing Donations With Other Calgary Charities

CTV Calgary News, December 16, 2016

Inn From The Cold Reaches Out to Other Calgary Charities

660 News, December 16, 2016 

Hospice Calgary Brings Solace to Suffering Calgarians

Calgary Herald, December 16, 2016

Helping Others to Heal

Calgary Herald, December 2, 2016

Calgary Herald Christmas Fund

Calgary Herald, November 25, 2016

Should my Child Attend the Funeral? 

Global News Calgary, August 22, 2016

Psychological Impact on Fort McMurray evacuees heading back home

Global News Calgary, May 30, 2016, Nadine Gariepy-Fisk

Children Feeling Stress of Fort McMurray wildfires

CBC News, May 7, 2016, Nadine Gariepy-Fisk

Fort McMurray Fires: Talking to the Kids

Hospice Calgary's Nadine Gariepy-Fisk on how to talk to evacuee families.

660News, May 6, 2016

Hike for Hospice Calgary Raises Funds for Grief Counselling & Palliative Care

CBC Calgary, May 1, 2016

Calgary Stampeders Hike for Hospice

Calgary Stampeders Community, May 1, 2016

In Tune With Living Well

Marj McNeil’s goal for a support group for those with advanced cancer is to reduce isolation and to celebrate life.

Canadian Nurse, April 2016

Catherine Schell Offers Comfort in Final Days

Leah Hennel & Kerianne Sproule, Calgary Herald

Calgary Stampeders Hike for Hospice

Stampeders Community, March 21, 2016

Hike for Hospice Calgary Sign Up

660 News, Mar. 21, 2016

Rob Cote and Elaine Munce talk Hike for Hospice Calgary

CTV Morning Live, Mar. 21, 2016

CTV Hike for Hospice Calgary Sign Up

CTV Community Calendar with Saba Hailamariam, Mar. 21, 2016 

Hospice Calgary Helps Couple Live Life to the Fullest

Valerie Fortney, Calgary Herald, Mar. 19, 2016

Stampeders and 100s of Walkers in Annual Hike for Hospice

Calgary Sun, May 3, 2015

Hospice Should be Available to All

Dylan Robertson, Calgary Herald, Mar. 23, 2015

McBride Family Hike in Memory of Son

Calgary Herald, March 24, 2015

Hike for Hospice Calgary Registration Open

Laura Booth, Calgary Sun, March 24, 2015

It's Sign Up Time: 10th Hike for Hospice—Rob Cote

with Jill Belland,CITY BTV March 23, 2015

Hospice Calgary's Marj McNeil and the Living with Cancer Program

by Erica Stark, Calgary Herald, December 26, 2014

Calgary’s Child: Parenting through the Holidays

with Nadine Gariepy-Fisk, Hospice Calgary, Dec. 14, 2014

Helping those near the end of life feel less alone

by Mario Tonneguzi, Calgary Herald, Dec. 9, 2014

Hospice Calgary Caring for Calgary's most vulnerable: our children

by Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald, Dec. 7, 2014

Getting Intimate with Death

Local professional help dying and bereaved cope with the inevitable

by Alyssa Quirico, FFWDWeekly

Volunteers like Stampeder’s Rob Cote make a difference

by Valerie Fortney, Calgary Herald, March 25, 2014

These Boots are Made for Walking

Ninth Hospice Calgary fundraiser kicks off

by Jenna McMurray, Calgary Sun, March 25, 2014

Hospice Calgary Helps Families Cope with Loss

by Jill Croteau, Global News Calgary, March 25, 2014

Hike for Hospice 2014 Media Advisory

Monday, March 24, 2014

Calgarians Hike for Hospice, Rob Cote and Mayor Nenshi

Calgary Sun, May 6, 2013

Take a Hike for Hospice

Calgary Sun, May 3, 2013

CHPCA celebrates 11th Annual Hike for Hospice

Online Wall Street Journal, May 2, 2013

Better end-of-life options needed, finds study

CBC Calgary News, May 1, 2013

Hospice Calgary: Helping One Family at a Time

SHAWTV Calgary report on Hospice Calgary

Rob Cote Hikes for Hospice Calgary

Calgary Stampeders Web Article

2013 Hike for Hospice Calgary raising money and awareness

by Calgary Herald senior business writer and columnist, Mario Toneguzzi

Readers make 2012 campaign a success

by Calgary Herald 2012 Christmas Fund editor, Michele Jarvie

Nenshi: A matter of human dignity

by Mayor Naheed Nenshi for the Calgary Herald

Volunteers share personal experience with grief

by Calgary Herald journalist, Daryl Slade

Sage Centre helps grieving families push past the pain

by Calgary Herald columnist, Licia Corbella

Champions of the Children: Women devote their lives to giving kids a fighting chance

by Calgary Herald columnist,Valerie Fortney